Solinius develops and sells financed solar kits for areas without access to traditional electrical infrastructure, primarily in East Africa.

Solinius’ ‘Aardvark’ makes any solar kit finance ready. Through mobile based payments and remote cellular enablement, Solinius collateralizes the solar kit, offering flexible financing to individuals who may otherwise not be able to receive a loan.

BYOB or “Bring Your Own Battery”, part of Solinius’ “open-source component” philosophy allows customers to source their own peripherals, like batteries, panels, and powered electronics. Our browser based administration console provides an easy to use interface for “proprietors” and Solinius to manage and track deployed assets.

A public benefit corporation, Solinius operates with a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.



Solinius is growing it’s B2B sales network with local “proprietors”. Currently conducting Aardvark sales through six MESHCOP entrepreneurs in Mbale.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Solinius is working with Glory Mulimba of All For Social Justice in Lubumbashi to pilot five Aardvark units. Financial support provided by Idea Foundry.


Jay Murray, Chief Executive Officer

Solinius’ dry witted team builder and vision provider. News addict, snow shredder, avid reader, and a firm believer in the ability to help others through business.

Nick Faughey, Chief Technology Officer

Nick champions Solinius’ code development and implementation from API to console and firmware to networking. Drives a white Honda Fit in the Summer, gray in the Winter.

Ben Stutz, Chief Hardware Architect

Ben is Solinius’ genius electrical engineer hailing from Ohio. Growing up on a dairy farm gives him a very pragmatic approach to design. Day to day responsibilities include developing enclosure CAD models for manufacturing, all physical circuitry design, and PCB layout with manufacturing oversight.


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